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What Equipment Should I Get?

What do I need?

I decided to make this as my next post because I have gotten the question from a few people. Particularly in this pandemic era, home fitness equipment is very expensive. It is funny because we are constantly told that fitness is important but at the same time it can feel unaffordable as a lot of equipment is ridiculously overpriced. However I digress.

I hope to make things as cheap for you as I can. The picture above shows the equipment that my wife and I are using in our own workouts right now.


I love these. I used to think that they were overhyped but once I started using them I found that they are quite versatile. We bought all our equipment on Amazon. Especially during the pandemic this was an easy place to get what we needed.

We own two sets of kettlebells. FIrst, a pair of 4 kg - these are good for lighter exercises like lateral raises, and rear deltoid raises . I have included a link to a set that I found on Amazon (not the set we own).

Then we also have a pair of 8 kg kettlebells.

On the full body day I use both kettlebells to do kettlebell swings and I find it a fantastic workout.

Kettlebells work very well for the full body day especially but are also quite useful for working out legs, shoulders and triceps. I find them useful because some exercises like the swings are effective for the entire body. It can be done with dumbbells but it is more difficult to have a secure grip on the dumbbells for swinging. This limits you in weight.

I am planning in the future to add a pair at 10 -12 kgs as my next challenge.


Dumbbells are a time honoured staple of home gym equipment. I use two sets of dumbbells in my current routine.

First I have an adjustable set ranging from 2 kg to 10 kg which are very useful for most upper body exercises across the shoulders, triceps and biceps. I have added a link to this on Amazon.

For legs, chest and back I needed a heavier set of weights which I got from my son as an early Christmas present. This is what I use for my squats, deadlifts, chest press and rows. You need to find a set that is heavy enough but not so heavy that they are limited to deadlifts and squats only!

That is everything I use when it comes to weights. I do also have exercise bands that I use sometimes as well, particularly for legs to add some additional resistance, but I enjoy using the dumbbells as my primary weights. I have included a link below.

So in total you are looking at spending roughly the following:

£42 for the lighter kettlebells

£60 for the heavier kettlebells

£40 for the adjustable dumbbells

£90 for the heavier dumbbells

The total is around £ 230. Still a large sum of money for some of us. For starting off you could start with just the adjustable dumbbells and the heavier kettlebells. This would only run you about £100 pounds. I actually started off with the bands and the adjustable dumbbells and acquired the rest over time.

That’s it! In my experience it is possible to find equipment for prices that don’t break the bank and will give you success in your fitness journey. I would be interested to know how it goes for you, so feel free to message me! Also share the prices you may have found.


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