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What a Crazy Autumn Season?

Hey everyone. I wanted to update you as it has been absolutely manic the last few weeks with school activities for the kids and with work. I have stilll not been able to get into a good routine since the beginning of September. The last two months have been like a punch in the gut to my fitness regime. At the moment I am just concentrating on moving my body as much as possible, whether that be running a few times a week, playing tennis, or just more time in the day walking to school and back with the children. 

I am also doing HIIT once or twice a week with the family in the evening, and if I am fortunate then I fit in 2 or 3 sessions with the weights. The last few weeks I have not been fortunate because of the crazy hours I am putting in for work.

It is so easy to get discouraged at times like this and if I am honest I do feel that way. I feel like any gains I made are just fluttering away and that I will never reach my goals. And really, a part of this is true. I can definitely see a loss of muscle mass which is depressing after all the work it took to get there.

But! On the flip side…

I am reminded that it is so easy to get caught up focusing on being unable to workout and forget gratitude for the things I do have. Chief among these for me are my faith, my family, my friends and my career.

So, in order to move forward with the other priorities in my life and still have a consistent regime, I am designing a new full body program, 3 days a week. I am looking forward to sharing it with you as soon as I have it ready!

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