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Strength pyramid Week 1

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

So - Week 1 of the Strength Pyramid done!

How did you do? For myself I thought, ‘Man I am out of shape!!’ It still amazes me how quickly that catches up to me.

The first workout session was hard and I had to step down some of my reps. My general goal is not to drop below 10 reps on any exercise but by the third set even that rule went out the door.

But by the second day I improved my rep count, and hit a higher target still by the third. On the third day I could only do two rounds though because my knees started to hurt.

I hope you fared better! I am tracking my progress in the group chat, and entering whenever I finish a day. Let’s keep encouraging each other. My goal for this week is to see if I can add 5 more reps to each exercise. What’s your goal?!

Download the Fit by Wix app and enter the invite code DTIKDS to have an easy place to track your program and progress, engage with the community and stay up to date with all the latest blogs.

Let’s get fit in 15 minutes together!

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