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Still no weights

IIt's been 3 weeks now, and my wrist is still sore. It is better than before in terms of eccentric and concentric movements, but I still feel the soreness with even simple rotational movements like opening a jar, turning on a faucet or wringing water out of a cloth. This sucks! I can see that in certain areas muscle mass has decreased and I am pretty upset about it.

But rather than waste this time, it makes more sense to work on some bodyweight leg exercises, cardio and ab workouts that I can keep up with. I am also working on mobility through stretches.

Lately I have been doing this home leg workout from Obi Vincent that he created during the pandemic:

I actually do not make it through the entire workout because of time constraints, but I do consistently finish about two thirds and for me it is enough. Have you seen this guy? He is in impeccable shape! Of course he needs that level of volume to get a decent workout without weights. Personally I am going through this 3 times a week.

I also add in a 5 minute abs workout as well. I am trying to get abs in every day except Sunday. I don’t always manage that but I am trying! Especially since my abs are terrible…

The other two things I am doing currently are cardio related. I walk home after dropping the kids at school, which takes about 40-50 minutes 2-3 times a week. I push the pace on the walk to keep it brisk. I also try to get in two or three HIIT workouts a week with a 15 to 20 minute duration using either a HIIT routine or our air resistance exercise bicycle.

I am hoping to lose a bit of weight – 2 lbs – and get my cardio up for weight training and tennis. Once I recover I am keen to get back to the Strength Pyramid with a plan to rapidly regain what I have lost and then put on some more.

Let me know how the Strength Pyramid is going for the rest of you! I am keen to get feedback to improve it.

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