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New School Year Is a Fresh Start

So, the new school year has arrived. There is always something about it that feels like a fresh start. For our kids it is the kickoff to a new year and moving forward. And of course they have to have new clothes and shoes and for some kids even new phones and gadgets.

You can feel the excitement of a new start – making new friends, new teachers with new subjects to learn, everything makes this a fun time for them.

For parents it can be equally fun. We have had a great summer with our kids filled with excursions, trips and other fun stuff, but now we are ready to let the kids get back to school so we can pick up the routines that we have dropped over the summer!

We all have those good intentions to keep the routines going over the summer, but let’s face the facts. When your kids are off and you are vacationing, fitness and eating regimes are easily tossed to the wayside because they are too restrictive for our busy schedules with unique activities daily. This certainly happened to me over the summer. I did start off strong but after one vacation I got sick and took a good week and a half to recover. My workouts were not the same for the rest of the summer after that, and that is only counting when I got to workout.

So now I am back! And eager to resume my workout regime. I will be restarting the Real Deal workout next week. This week is my warm up to get my body used to working out and fasting again. Next week, I get serious.

So how about you? Maybe you have just arrived on my website and you are wondering what it is all about. My mission is to share a series of short but effective workouts of my own design that you can do at home or in the gym to get in shape, lose fat or build muscle in the midst of your busy life.

I have a few workout options to fit everybody’s needs. If you are just starting off or have recently started working out after a break you should consider the Beginner or Beginner+ program.

If you are coming in with more experience then you should lean to the Intermediate or Muscle Builder workouts. Note the Muscle Builder is a little longer than 15 minutes to allow for more sets and intensity to force muscle growth.

Level Program

Beginner 15 Minute Workout V1

Beginner+ 15 Minute Workout V2

Intermediate Strength Pyramid

Muscle Builder The Real Deal

Let me encourage you to start a new routine towards your fitness goals today! My workouts are short but intense, allowing you to get the exercise you need and still get on with your day. We are here to encourage you as well. Join the site and our community and get fit in 15!

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