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My journey so far…

This is me 3 months ago…

So here I am back at the beginning of March 2021. At this point I had been doing an intermittent fast for 3 weeks and had dropped to about 186 lbs from 195 lbs. For this fast I was only eating from about 3 pm to 10 pm.

Since then I relaxed the fasting restriction a little and I had been eating from about 1 pm onward to the end of the day. Today is June 1st and although there have been hiccups with sickness that took me out for a total of 3 weeks, (no it was not COVID!) I have been continuing to lift weights throughout.

I have gotten some more muscle definition in general and at certain times my abs will poke through, but my weight has more or less stayed the same.

Here’s a snapshot of what I have been doing:


I have been following version 2 of my 15 minute workout which I have just put online as my next fitness challenge. I encourage you all to do it! I have recently restarted that one due to the breaks I had to take while I was sick, and just sheer fatigue adding up.


Most days I am walking 10,000-13,000 steps along with my wife, much of it from doing school dropoff and pickup runs.

In addition I workout with the kids once or twice a week doing something with a cardio focus from like Insanity Max 30. However I take breaks during the workout to make sure that my kids are pushing themselves! :)

I also started to run with my wife 2-3 times a week. My struggle here has been sore knees. I guess this is just part of getting old because this knee pain is a first for me! 😅

Finally, I am going to start integrating a 5 minute abs session into my workouts 2-3 times a week.

So, what are my goals?

My first goal is to get anywhere in the 175-180 lbs zone for weight loss. So I am looking to drop another 10 pounds.

In order to aid in that my wife and I have just started a new form of Intermittent fasting for people aged 40 and over. I have to tell you that day 1 was tough!!

This latest version involves fasting for 20 hours straight and then eating in a 4 hour window on one day, and then eating normally on the following day. For example, I would stop eating at 6 pm on Sunday, and then fast until 2 pm the following Monday, Then I can eat from 2-6 pm on Monday afternoon, and eat from when I get up until 6 pm on the Tuesday after. Then the whole cycle keeps repeating.

The whole purpose is to keep your metabolism high. I will let you know how it goes in a month and post the video link for this. I am hoping this version of fasting will take my metabolism high enough to keep losing weight with the same exercise program I have been doing. Here is the link to the video that describes this.

So what are your goals? Let’s discuss in the groups. Groups are there for you to meet other fitness hackers and encourage each other to wellness and fitness as we achieve our goals together and continue to build on short, effective workouts. I read all the comments and will respond!

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