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Lost Momentum

At the end of 2022 some of the fitness personalities I follow started coming out with workouts for people with minimal time to go to the gym. These fitness folk acknowledged that although they love spending two hours on a workout, part of that time is really socialising and it is not all effective workout time. I completely understand this. When I was in university the gym was the place to meet up with old friends and make new ones. It was the place to be as much as it was the place to work out.

For me this was a confirmation that my wife and I are on the right path. Short workouts can absolutely work. And much more importantly, they are actually essential for those of us in a certain phase of life. Youtubers like Jeff Nippard, Juice & Toya, Ashton Hall etc. have all developed short workouts proving how the approach can be successful. So we will keep pushing!

Personally, in my mid 40s, things have changed. After adding up all the responsibilities I carry, finding the time to workout is extremely difficult. Lately I have also found that as I continue to gain responsibility at work my time shrinks further. So I prioritise family and work, family and work – but I feel the stress in my body as my workout consistency evaporates. It can be so easy to fall off the bandwagon, and tough to get back on.

My wife and I are trying to get back on the bandwagon right now. We are continuing the Big 4 workout but just have not managed the consistency we need so that is our number one goal to fix right now. Gym time is early in the morning because if it doesn’t happen then – at least for me – it certainly will not happen later on in the day.

But… having shared about the struggle, I am still ready to get creative! Now that we are back at the gym I am working on new routines that can be done there or at home. A new routine with that unique flexibility.

I will post some pictures soon. I am not happy to admit that I am back where I started two years ago. This last year has been killer on the gains!! I have to start again. But let’s go together. As always, it is about the journey and the lifestyle as much as it is the end result. Let’s get better together in 2023.

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