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End of the Strength Pyramid

The End of my Strength Pyramid Journey

I finally finished the strength pyramid!! It was a good workout, and it accomplished exactly what I wanted to do. I was able to rebuild some strength and size while I got my body adapted to working out again. I would thoroughly recommend that you give this workout a try if you are getting back into a regular routine after any extended break.

I have put in some shots of how I am looking after finishing. Now that I’m done, the next step is to increase the intensity and start to work on body re-composition. Overall I am feeling good about moving forward, but there are a few things I noticed during the program that I felt had negative effects on my work out that I want to consider for what is next.

Age. Comparing just last year to this year I do feel the difference in being a year older… my knees hurt more and my stamina is not what it was. Sometimes I have to take a day off now because I just don't have the workout in me. But I am still pushing through because I am not ready to give up to age! No way - I am going to fight that tooth and nail. :) But what is important is that I listen to my body and modify when I need to.

Lack of sleep. Work has been very busy and I have had to put in a lot of late nights and early mornings which has also impacted my stamina and my ability to push myself. It does not help that I tend to eat more also when I have to stay up late into the night.

The last point is simply that my cardio is not what it should be, which decreases the intensity that I can approach the whole workout with. When the cardio is not there, sometimes you are just plain tired.

Regardless, despite the challenges I am quite pleased with my progress and I know I am ready to move on to my next workout… The Real Deal.

So… what is the Real Deal?? This program is designed to put on muscle, pure and simple. And I am quite excited about it!!

The program aims to hit each body group twice a week, with the option of an additional full body day that you can include to hit everything three times a week. Three days are split focusing on two groups, and two more days are straight full body work. No messing around…

So far I have just completed the first two days and the workout is killer! I am excited to share this one with you and I hope you will join me in the journey.

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