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Another setback Again!!!

What do you do when you have setback after setback?

So as you know, I have not been able to work out for about three months except for body weight leg routines and some walking due to a wrist injury from tennis in December.

Three weeks ago I was finally able to start working out again and it was great!! First week back was amazing even though I was weaker than when I started Week 2. But then… boom!!! My body could not handle the constant late nights from work for the release phase of my latest project and working out just put me over the edge. I got sick. Not just a little sick - I got a really bad sinus infection; cough, sore throat and everything. Don't worry! It was not COVID! I tested! But it still knocked me out for two weeks, which for me is a long time. I have rarely been sick that long in my life.

It has been pretty frustrating to say the least. And on top of my frustration I have found it very difficult to fast while sick. In fact I am actually super hungry! So I have been eating every meal to deal with my sickness and low energy. It seemed at times that this illness just did not want to go away.

It really sucked! But what can you do? I am in a busy time in life right now. With family, work, church, working out and the website, sometimes the load can be too much and we need to pull back at least for a season. This sickness was an enforced rest! :) So what do you do when you have a setback? Don't sweat it! Just roll with it. The most important thing is that you do not get discouraged but keep going. As long as we keep getting up from all our setbacks and keep going forward, then we are guaranteed to meet our goals. The most important thing is to persevere. Perseverance will allow us to hit our goals.

It has been a long four months but I am finally starting to feel better and I was able to work out yesterday (Chest and Triceps), and I am planning for today as well (Legs and Shoulders).

I am going to keep it intense at least until the next break…

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